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Motion Plug Complete type A

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Having distributed the "Motion Plug" free, animations are not included, so users can set their favorite animations.

The method to set is simple, so I have not got the objection till now. But some people says that "I want a HUD that has been completed settings".

So, I released the version "Complete type A" which includes 17animations and 3poses.

Skills (Animations)

  1. Right High Kick,Right Jumping High Kick
  2. Punch Left,Right,Left High Kick
  3. Left Punch
  4. Punch Left,Right,Backspin Chop, Axe Kick
  5. Backspin Chop
  6. Right Punch
  7. Left High Kick
  8. Left Front Kick
  9. Right High Kick
  10. Right Front Kick
  11. Left Axe Kick
  12. Left Side Kick
  13. Left High Kick,Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  14. Right High Kick With Feint
  15. Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  16. Jumping Backspin Kick
  17. Fighting Pose
  18. Fighting Pose With Fist
  19. Fighting Pose(southpaw)
  20. Enbu(loop animation)


  • This is not a weapon for combat.

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