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Users can purchase items of Brave Stream in shops in SL, and in the web shopping site. I introduce my shops in SL. Each shop has characteristics about the place and items.

Method for purchase

----- "Brave Stream" Shops in Second Life -----


Fushida region

Shop name; Karate for DCS/CCS/XRPS "Brave Stream"

[Place] Fushida 115,15,56
[summary] The theme of this shop is combat. So, there are all weapons for combat. And there are animations as materials of the weapons.


Gomes region

Shop name; Karate Animation Brave Stream

[Place] Gomes 246,135,42
[summary] This is the first shop of Brave Stream. Animations of Karate and dance, and Motion Plug are here. There are no weapons for combats.

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Shops in Second Life