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In Second Life, there are combat game systems which players developed originally. In addition, it is called the RPG system because players play rolls of the character. It is said that there are players of these game systems on a scale more than 100,000 universally.

----- Popular Combat Systems -----


DCS2 (Dynamic Combat System)

DCS2 began slightly later than CCS. It seems to be the system which were made by the person who was a game derector in real life. SIMs adopting DCS2 are increasing at a considerable pace.


CCS (Communiyty Combat System)

CCS seems to have begun at the considerably early time in combat systems. SIMs adopting CCS increase while repeating version up of several degrees.


XRPS (Next Role-Play System)

XRPS had been called WARPS a while ago. The system is about the same with DCS2 and CCS. It is said that the response seems to have improved since that cahnged to XRPS.

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