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It is the third of the Karate Fight series, "Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS typeS".

A characteristic of "type S" is including super high level skills those became the legend in the karate world.

In other weapons, there are skills which are used in match or training. But in "type S" incledes rare jumping skills.

 It will be to surely give a strong impression to other players.

Commentary by Images


  1. Players can use 10 skills by combination of keys.
  2. It is possible to be invisible by clicking the earring(weapon). So, when players who don't like earring attach it, they can make it be invisible by this function. 

Skills (Animations)

  1. Left Axe Kick and Right Low Kick
  2. Right Axe Kick
  3. Right Low, Middle, High Kick
  4. Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  5. Reverse Roundhouse Jumping Triple Kick
  6. Left High Kick, Side Kick, and Right Punch
  7. Rounding Heel Kick
  8. Triangle Jump
  9. Left Triple High Kick
  10. Backspin Low and Right High Kick

Update History

[Jun 17, 2008] released

[Jun 7, 2009] Ver,1.5 is released. Details

[Sep 16, 2009] Ver,1.7 is released. It is just adjustment.

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