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Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS type K

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This is a weapon to use karate skills in combat systems "DCS2","CCS","XRPS".

In combat systems, players attack to their opponent by pushing the arrow key (or, AWSD key) while pushing the left button of the mouse. If the timing is good, they can give damage to their opponent.

Players generally put on the weapons such as a sword or the crow to fight in combat systems. In this karate weapon which I produced, players attach the earring-shaped object, but they do not put on the weapon and attack the target barehanded.

"type K" means "K1" and "Kick boxing".

Commentary by Images


  1. Players can use 10 skills by combination of keys.
  2. It is possible to be invisible by clicking the earring(weapon). So, when players who don't like earring attach it, they can make it be invisible by this function.

Skills (Animations)

  1. Punch Left,Right, Left Low Kick
  2. Punch Left,Right,Left, Right Low Kick
  3. Punch Left,Left, Right Low Kick
  4. Backspin Blow
  5. Rush body blows
  6. Right Low Kick, Left High Kick
  7. Left Front Kick, Right High Kick
  8. Jumping Double Knee Kick
  9. Left Knee Kick
  10. Right Knee Kick

Update History

[Aug 5,2008] released

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