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William7 Streeter

William7 Streeter

I am creating animations, weapons and huds of "Brave Stream", and I administer this web site.

My avatar's name is "William7 Streeter", but I am Japanese living in Tokyo. In real world, my jobs are making website, 3D CG and the contents of 3D internet.

When I was young, I have learned Karate and I fought in all-Japan championships. But I have retired myself by circumstances of the work, with having had the feeling that I wanted to continue.

So, when I knew about Second Life, I intended to make animations of Karate. Because I have experienced to create motions of 3DCG, I felt my idea is interesting.

Since 2007, I have created a lot of animations, and fortunately much SL users gave words of the praise to me. So, I am going to create more works including ones except the karate, too.

I post about my works, reports, impressions in my blog. Please visit my blog from the URL below.

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