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This is a list to confirm characteristics and differences of each weapons. Please refer to it when you choose the weapon.

Name / Characteristic Price Num Skills(Animations) Shape ON/OFF Function Date
Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS typeC L$ 1700 10
  1. Seiken Sandan Zuki
  2. Backspin Right Punch
  3. Horizontal Chop
  4. Chop from the Overhead
  5. Five Kicks
  6. Chop from the Inside
  7. 2Elbows,Backfist
  8. Six Kicks
  9. Round Chops
  10. Fists,Elbow,Sweep

Combat mode

Aug 1,2010
The characteristic of "typeC" is composition from classical and traditional skills of karate.
Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS Hybrid 2009 L$ 2700 10
  1. Left Triple High Kick
  2. Left High Kick,Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  3. Punch Left,Right and Left Roundhousekick
  4. Right Axe Kick
  5. Punch Left,Right,Backspin Blow,Axe Kick
  6. Left Front Kick and Right High Kick
  7. Right Low,Middle,High Kick
  8. Rush of Body Blows
  9. Left High Kick,Side Kick,and Right Punch
  10. 3 Punches and Right Low Kick

Combat mode

Jul 10,2009
Made from popular skills included in three editions "Karate Fight","type K","type S". Function of the ON/OFF change.

Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS typeS L$ 2880 10
  1. Left Axe Kick and Right Low Kick
  2. Right Axe Kick
  3. Right Low, Middle, High Kick
  4. Jumping Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  5. Reverse Roundhouse Jumping Triple Kick
  6. Left High Kick, Side Kick, and Right Punch
  7. Rounding Heel Kick
  8. Triangle Jump
  9. Left Triple High Kick
  10. Backspin Low and Right High Kick


Jan 17,2009
Super high level skills are included in this weapon. Those skills are told in legends and those jumping skills are very rare.

Karate for DCS2/CCS/XRPS type K L$ 2500 10
  1. Punch Left,Right, Left Low Kick
  2. Punch Left,Right,Left, Right Low Kick
  3. Punch Left,Left, Right Low Kick
  4. Backspin Blow
  5. Rush body blows
  6. Right Low Kick, Left High Kick
  7. Left Front Kick, Right High Kick
  8. Jumping Double Knee Kick
  9. Left Knee Kick
  10. Right Knee Kick


Aug 5,2008
This weapon consists of the skill used by K1 and kick boxing such as a low kick or a knee kick. Combination skills consist of low kick and punch are actual.
Karate Fight for DCS2/CCS/XRPS L$ 2500 10
  1. Left Front Kick
  2. Right Front Kick
  3. Punch Left,Right,Left High Kick
  4. Jumping Backspin Kick
  5. Punch Left,Right,Backspin Chop, Axe Kick
  6. Left High Kick
  7. Right High Kick
  8. Left High Kick,Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  9. Right Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  10. Right High Kick,Right Jumping High Kick


Feb 17,2008
Players can use popular 10 karate skills such as roundhouse kick, front kick, combination skill and jumping skills.

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