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Usage of Animations

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There are some methods to enjoy animations of Brave Stream.

method 1

  1, As a simple animation play

Double click the animation in the "inventory" >> Click the play button, you can enjoy the animation.

Not only enjoy to see your avatar's play, but also show it others and dance together by dance animation.
method 2

  2, Control animations by HUD

I created "Motion Plug" that is a tool to control many animations by one click.

The tool is called HUD(Heads-Up Display), that is a method to operate the original control panel in SL viewer. Users can control animations simply and speedy by it.

method 3

  3, As a weapon for combat

In Second Life, there are combat systems which users fight, role play, and compete for points.

Combat Systems are developed by users themselves, and "DCS2" "CCS" "XRPS" are popular. I have released "Karate Fight" series to use animations as weapons in these combat systems.

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