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Shop name ;   Karate for DCS/CCS/XRPS "Brave Stream"

Place ;  Fushida 115,15,56  Teleport

Rating ;   Moderate (Mature)

Characteristic ;


It is the shop which assumed a user of DCS2,CCS,WARPS to be a target. There are all weapons for combats and animations. I do not put Motion Plug to avoid confusion with weapons.

I put a sculpture of military commander on the room of this side. Thou it is not concerned to karate, I felt the Budo spirits from it and I like it. Because the castle of the rear was well-done very much, so I chose this place.

Introduction ;

  1. There are weapons for combats.
  2. There are animations.
  3. There are animations of Combination skill.
  4. Collections of karate animations are here.
      (They are not weapons.)
  5. I put the dance balls which give a demonstration of Enbu animation in the garden.
  6. Sounds for weapons (free)
  7. The vender of Enbu animation

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