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XRPS had been called WARPS a while ago.

The system is about the same with DCS2 and CCS. It is said that the response seems to have improved since that cahnged to XRPS.

Official Website

The official website of XRPS
XRPS Official Portal ( )

Sims of XRPS
Information Sim Portal ( ) 

From acquisition of HUD to wearing

(1)At first,click the url below and teleport to XRPS Sim "Judgement".

Judgement Sim ( judgement 128,128,40 )

*This SIM adopts XRPS at a point in time when I made this page, but there is a case changing an adoption system. In that case, please look for another Sim from the list of Sim information page.

(2)Players will arrive at such a place.

(3)The kit of "XRPS" will be sent when players click the board which the logo mark of big "XRPS" of is in.

(4)Select "recieve", the kit will join in inventory.

(5)Drag & drop the kit on the floor, and a list of contents opens when they click the object which appeared.

(6)Please put the contents of the kit in an inventory. And drag & drop the "XRPS METER" to an avatar. Then click "Make Sheet" after a dialogue box opens.

(7)A Web page to set a character opens. Players set character in the role playing game here. At first,decide Gender, Race, Class in an upper line.

(8)Next, set numerical value in a lower area. Please allot the point to CON, DUR, etc. according to your policy.


(9)Please do drag & drop of "XRPS HUD" to the avatar aftre finished setting. An operation panel appears on the screen left, and numerical value indication appears on the head of the avatar.


(10)To fight against an opponet, it is necessary to put on a weapon in the state that the avatar attached HUD. I recommend the wepons of "Karate Fight" series.
Weapons for Combats

There are various kinds of weapons, but each methods to play are same, players can attack when they push the arrow key while pushing the left mouse button. The motions by keys are different in every weapon. Please read the manual of the weapon which you purchased.

There should be a lot of avatars that similar letters are displayed on heads when players go in SIM adopting XRPS.

(11)The distance and a timing will decide points. It is necessary to perform key operation earlier than the opponent after the distance approaches.

When you operate it timely, the opponent's "Health" points decrease. After the experience value of the fight rises, one's various numerical value rises and can be stronger. (Look at a manual of HUD in detail.)

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