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Rounding Heel Kick

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It is an animation of "Rounding Heel Kick" of karate.

This skill is resemble to "heel kick" and "leg lariat" of pro-wrestling.

This is a skill such as cutting by by the centrifugal force of the fast turn. If this skill came off, "Wait!(mate)" is called by the umpire. But in street fight, it is the risky skill to show a big chance to the opponent.

When this kick hits slashingly neatly, the opponent swoons incredibly by an instant. This skill is so terrible.

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"Rounding Heel Kick"  from [Brave Stream Blog] (Nov 16, 2008)

It is a "Rounding Heel Kick".In Japanese, it is called "Dou Mawashi Kaiten Geri"....

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